Hello! My name is Sydney Cooling-Sturges.

I'm a UI/UX designer & researcher with a passion for insight-led, human-centered design. I am also a lifelong learner, peer mentor, data enthusiast, nature fanatic & human-loving extrovert. Thank you for taking this extra step to get to know me!
Headshot of Sydney Cooling-Sturges standing in front of green foliage with a large red circle surrounding the back of her head.

I’m currently working as a Creative Consultant with the Habit Factory Space. I recently graduated with distinction from OCAD University, where I majored in Industrial (Product) Design, and have just completed a certificate in UI Design at BrainStation.

My experiences in life and professionally are fueled by my passion for improving the lives of others and the world around me. As a result, you’ll often find me asking questions with the goal of uncovering big ideas, seeing problems as opportunities for improvement, and embarking on new and unfamiliar roles and experiences in order to gain valuable knowledge and perspective that I can apply to my creative process.

My multidisciplinary background in design allows me to always think about a problem from multiple points of view at any and every stage in the design process. Design, research, and production constraints are actively considered in every stage of my creative process, resulting in effective, impactful, and thoughtful creative solutions.

I'm currently looking for full-time junior UI/UX and/or service design positions. I want to apply my diverse experiences and skills, as well as my passion for design and strong work ethic, in order to advocate for and create the best products for my users.

I am currently...

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What's with the circles?

Small green circle quickly growing and shrinking
I’m a lifelong learner with a focus on growth.
A thin, black dashed line slowly getting longer with each dash, connecting a small blue circle on the left to a small red circle on the right.
I'm all about connecting the dots.
A small yellow circle shrinking down to reveal individual sun rays. The sun rays rotate 15 degrees three times to return the sun back to its starting position, and grows back to its original size.
Like the sun, I want to brighten up your day.