Projects depicted on this page are currently under construction and therefore all of the projects shown below will be password protected until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience!
A long red picnic bench with intricate white outlined, rainbow coloured paintings on the side and top of the bench. The bench is on a red background.

A Seat at the Table

Permanent Install at Evergreen Brickworks

Sustainably made picnic table adorned with Las Carretas inspired decoration.


Designed for Coursework

Through meticulous 3D modelling and laser cutting, plastic scraps became a building toy.


Designed for CCL&D

A dynamic laundry/swim bag co-designed with the CCL&D’s Sewing Studio in Regent Park, Toronto.


Designed for Coursework

Does it depict a few circles, or hundreds? This hand made brass jewelry stand is as beautiful as the treasures it holds.


Designed for fun

When you have a dream about the perfect necklace, you’ve got no choice but to 3D model it and get it cast.
Medium sized red circle.Medium sized yellow circle.Medium sized green circle.Medium sized blue circle.